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Dear Inhabitants of the Planet

The following message was sent to us by a volunteer and comes from Hasan, a Syrian refugee currently trapped in Thessaloniki

"We are also inhabitants of this planet like you, we did not come from another planet by mistake.

I don't want you to misunderstand me, all I need is to give me some time to be able to speak to you, I hope you have some time to hear what I want to tell you.

I want to tell you a little bit about what happened and what is happening and is still happening in Syria because you may not have heard what happened and is happening to us until now I wanted to tell you that the war is very terrible. We, the children of wars, can no longer bear all this pain anymore ، the war erupted in Syria nine years ago and is still burning today. People in Syria continue to be arrested, tortured, raped and killed. In the streets, prisons, detention centers, camps and on the border as well.

We fled from Syria in search of the right to seek asylum in the countries that we fled to, despite all the hardships that we experienced in the camps, such as thirst, hunger, cold, racism, fear, suppression of liberties, humiliation, and sometimes death.

This thing happens in all camps in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Greece. Yes, we admit that we escaped, but that does not mean that we escaped because we are cowards, we fled in search of peace and wanted a safe haven, after being stolen, looted, burned, bombed, and destroyed everything we possess, all we wanted was to find a safe place where we could stay with the rest of our family.

In Syria, children, women and men die every day on land, sea and air, by the same people who teach their children in schools about peoples freedom, democracy, freedom, and humanity, there is no difference between any nationality, any language, or any color, white, black, there is no difference between the divine religions, be they Jewish, Christian or Islamic.

But today we see that we are still being killed by the same people who speak in their assemblies, assemblies, courtrooms, and press conferences, that they are the ones who fight for freedom, all the heads and leaders of the world that are members of the Masonic Organization, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, China, Korea, Israel, Russia, Turkey and Iran, and all the Arab countries are sons of Lucifer from the Kingdom of the Jinn and Satan, after we became mere pawns on the chessboard, we became slaves to their diabolical plan.

We fled after being forcibly evicted, then we found the sea on our way, it was the only one who agreed to receive us, we got on board the rubber dying boats after the sea waves cast us on a dark and stormy night in the Holy Land in Europe.

But that didn't change anything, we found ourselves once again in exile in the open in the woods on the mountain tops in tents surrounded by barbed wire, watchtowers and cameras under the gaze of soldiers carrying automatic weapons in their possession ready at any moment to shoot or to punish anyone who violates or violates the laws, sometimes the punishment amounts to murder, as if we were on a real battlefield in Guantanamo Bay.

We could no longer breathe after our tongues were cut, our mouths closed, then our necks cut, and we were sentenced to death by hanging to death, then burned and drowned twice, does it make sense that our souls are very cheap for you.

But despite all this pain, we pretend to have survived, but the more we lay our bodies on the ground and looked at the sky, and tried to close our eyes, we hear the sounds of rocket, artillery and tank explosions, and the sound of guns and machine guns.

Only then we make sure that the matter is not over yet, even if we run from there we are still in your arms, and under the influence of your weapons that surround us from all sides, only then do we know that you have killed our lives, and our families, our relatives, friends, our homes and all we have.

We don't want many things, we don't want your money either, we just want you to stop the war in our country because we only want to return to it because we are the children of that land and we belong to it, we came from it and we will return to it, and we will come out of the ground again when the time for reckoning comes, we only demand our right to return to our country until we die there with dignity and peace, we demand our right to be buried on our land, and nothing more.

Please participate and spread it widely so we can communicate our voice to the largest number of people. Thank you."

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