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What Will We Have Left: Stories of Search and Rescue at Sea

Preview of online multimedia exhibition

Opening with a stunning dance piece, Refugee Rescue have curated an exhibition to explore what really happens in search and rescue from the perspective of rescuer and rescued. Weaving in and out of the powerful testimonies and artistic interpretations, the exhibition tells the story of Raheem, and follows his journey from his home in Sudan.

Accompanied by stories from the crew on the ground, and refugees at sea, the exhibition aims to question, as we enter the fifth year of the “Refugee Crisis”, what will we have left if we do not help people in distress? Refugee Rescue is the last remaining professional and humanitarian search and rescue organization working on the North Shore of Lesvos. For the past five years, as a grassroots NGO they have worked at the forefront of humanitarian aid, responding to distress calls and rescuing refugees at sea. Rough Waters, by Rama Duwaji

Since 2015, images of people arriving on Europe’s shores in flimsy dinghies have largely faded from the media’s attention. The world has grown accustomed to violence towards refugees, who must risk their lives at sea in search of safety. For Refugee Week, we ask you to remember that the Mediterranean remains the world’s deadliest border, having claimed 20,000 lives since 2014 and demonstrating the true human cost of European border policies. With the help of Turner prize nominee Mark Titchner, and a host of other artists, Refugee Rescue have created a comprehensive multimedia guide to understanding what happens on the North Shore of Lesvos for the many humanitarian responders who call it their home. The exhibition is a comprehensive guide to how search and rescue looks, sounds and feels, and aims to explore the idea that search and rescue is a deeply personal and emotional act for both rescuee and rescuer. The exhibition will launch on Monday 15th June (the start of Refugee Week) to the public, with a Q & A on Instagram with the artists at 6pm. Full programme: View the Exhibition: For more information email

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