A social movement demanding a new and humane migration policy


What we do

On 2nd March 2020, we published an Open Letter to EU Leaders, demanding the immediate decongestion of the Aegean Islands.

160 grassroots NGOs, 100.000 individuals and 10 MEPs have signed the letter.


Key goals


To immediately decongest the Aegean Islands through fair relocation across Member States


To replace the EU-Turkey Agreement with a fair and humane EU policy on migration


To advocate for dignified and legal conditions of reception across Europe

Who we are

Europe Must Act's aims are rooted in ethical and humanitarian principles. We do not subscribe to any political ideology, recognising that the realisation of a rights-based migration and asylum policy will require close collaboration across the political spectrum. We therefore do not endorse political parties or seek their endorsement. But we welcome everyone, regardless of political affiliation, who subscribes to EMA's core principles and goals.​

Europe Must Act began as a call for change from grassroots NGOs working in Greece. We are demanding this change on the highest European level.

“Europe must act” is not a cry of desperation. It is a call grounded in a deep optimism, a profound belief that the right choices can be made, that a fair and humane migration policy is possible, that through collective action we can build a better world.

“Europe must act” is not a naïve demand. Politicians compromising on their core values, on our core values, to stem the tide of populism; that is true naivety. It hands victory to those who desire to deny the basic human rights of others. There can be no compromise on human rights, never.

“Europe must act” is a growing movement of grassroots NGOs and civil society. We are determined to fundamentally change the way Europe treats the asylum seekers arriving at all its borders, land and sea. We will carry on our work until the shameful policies that plunge these people into misery are ended.


Core principles


We are non-violent


We are not affiliated with any political ideology.


We are based on autonomy and decentralization


We are volunteers


We avoid shaming and blaming

Europe Must Act

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