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Inclusion & Diversity

Building an equitable movement for all

 Diversity and Inclusion Statement 


Europe Must Act takes the broadest possible view of diversity. We value the range of qualities that make you the person you are. We respect and appreciate the experiences you have had, drawing on these to add value to our strategy. We welcome your unique perspective. We celebrate the differences and commonalities between us, both are strengthening elements. Inclusion and equity are vital practices to ensure our team enhances its diverse approach to problem-solving. We recognise that all should have the opportunity to act with us, so we endeavour to build equity into all processes. We commit to this and strive to improve these actions as we grow outwards.

We are committed to accessible content for all. If you do encounter accessibility issues while using our website or social media platforms, please contact us directly at:

Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2020 - 2021

 2020 - 2021 Diversity Survey 

During the timeframe of December 2020 to January 2021, we conducted a survey to internally assess the overall nature of Europe Must Act. We received 68 responses to our questionnaire. However, we are aware that EMA has many more members.

The survey included questions about demographic information such as: age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. Our members trusted us with this sensitive information and we wish to thank them for that. From the beginning they consented to the publication of the aggregated results.



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80% of respondents do not identify as being a migrant, asylum seeker, immigrant, or refugee of any kind

 Key Findings 

  • 87% of respondents are cis-women/female

  • Almost 50% are between 18 to 24 years old

  • 40% are between the ages of 24 to 34

  • 55% are heterosexual, 25% bisexual and 12% are Queer

  • Only 10 respondents identify with an ethnic group

  • About 70% do not identify with any religion

  • 80% of respondents do not identify as being a migrant asylum seeker, immigrant, or refugee of any kind

  • >90% of respondents are (at least) from a City chapter or from the Diversity & Inclusion Team.


These results gave us a glimpse into how we as an organisation  need to become more diverse and further our inclusion of people with lived experience. Therefore, we would like to encourage asylum seekers and people with a refugee background to come and join our organization. 


If you wish to become active in forming the future of Europe’s migration policies, please join our Cities Must Act campaign or join our team of volunteers who actively work on different projects. 

Europe Must Act commits to furthering the inclusion of people with lived experience

in its campaigning

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