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Raise your voice with us.

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All voices

All voices

Laira's & Emy's voice (Part 1)
Message from Vial, Chios
#RaisingVoices | Ebi's Voice | Samos
#RaisingVoices | Ali's voice
Muhammed's voice
Masjedi's voice
Salam Ahmad's voice
Jacob's voice
Abdulrhman's voice
Mahmoud's voice


We Raise our Voices by building a bridge between you and the people who are forced to live in refugee camps at Europe’s borders.

We Raise our Voices to break down the barrier of the unknown, between you and refugees.

We Raise our Voices to empower the people whose voices haven’t been heard yet.


The unknown can be scary, but this reality needs to be confronted. Refugees are people with names, backgrounds and voices. We want to share their stories with you.


Through the Raising Voices project, Europe Must Act gives people who are trapped in Greek refugee camps the opportunity and agency to raise their voices, becoming the narrators of their own stories. All videos come from the community itself - from refugees and residents on the Aegean Islands, from volunteers and humanitarian aid workers in the field or sent home.


Europe Must Act will show people across Europe the unacceptable reality that refugees are subjected to. We will use footage to encourage European leaders to evacuate refugees from the unsanitary, dangerous conditions. We call on Europe to act now.


It’s time to face the reality through the eyes of the unknowns.

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