Our approach to transparency

We, at Europe Must Act, believe that everyone should be held accountable. What is true for governments and politicians, should be true for small civil society groups. 

Here, we share our policies, financial records and long-term fundraising aspirations so that this information is freely available to anyone for scrutiny and support.

Since we are a small team, we try as hard as possible to keep all information up-to-date. Information on this page is updated at a minimum of every 3 months.

Last updated: December 31st 2021

Please contact hello@europemustact.org with any questions.

Our financial actions

Most of the money that supports EMA is channeled through our fiscal partner, Action for Education (AFE). AFE is a registered charity in the UK and in Greece. You can find out more about their own financial transparency at www.actionforeducation.org/faqs.

EMA does not routinely fundraise, however we do run occasional fundraising drives in order to fund specific costs (for example, money to support a targeted campaign, or to offer bursaries to activists attending a conference). 

We also receive grants from foundations, partners and trusts to cover larger costs, such as salaries for our core staff team. A full list of these funders can be found on the Income & Expenditure sheet.

From March 2020 (the birth of EMA) to December 2021 (our last financial review), we raised a total of €69,272 and spent a total of €28,505, leaving a surplus of €40,766.

In 2021, we spent:

  • €24,550 on staffing, for our Aegean Coordinator and EU Advocacy Coordinator

  • €1,454 went on digital infrastructure

  • €300 was spent on training costs and travel bursaries

In the same year, we received:

  • €3,643 in crowdfunded donations

  • €3,850 from Action for Education towards the Aegean Coordinator

  • €36,000 from Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung for our Network Coordinator

  • €19,200 from Refugee Rights Europe for our UN/EU Advocacy Coordinator

  • €3,547 from a funder who wishes to remain anonymous

  • €831 from unspent funds in the previous year 

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Future plans and budgets

Over 2022 and early 2023, EMA has a number of key plans. Please note that due to the nature of EMA's devolved structure, these plans refer only to the central team of EMA and not to individual city or country chapters. These chapters are responsible for their own fundraising, with technical assistance from the central team as required. 

Over 2022 and early 2023 we will:

  • Register a new, independent non-profit in Germany called Germany Must Act

  • Seek to raise an additional €176,000

  • Keep 3 salaried staff and fund 1 more salaried position in Communications

  • Develop a small support budget for digital costs and travel expenses

  • Primarily fundraise this money through grants and foundations

To this end we have developed a high-level Case for Support that outlines our plans. We have also created a simple overview to our budget for the period. You can find both below: