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Cities Must Act

A solidarity campaign by Europe Must Act

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A Citizen-led Campaign

#CitiesMustAct is a bold campaign asking the citizens, councils and mayors of European towns and cities to pledge their support for the relocation of asylum seekers and refugees from Europe's borders.


In our previous campaigns we pushed for change on the EU level. From our interaction with EU leaders we have learned that they are hesitant or even unable to act because they believe that there is no broad support for helping refugees among European citizens. Let’s prove them wrong!

Photo credit: I have rights

We Must Act Now!

We know that cities may not have the legislative power to directly relocate refugees themselves, but our #CitiesMustAct campaign sends a powerful message of citizen solidarity that governments and the EU can’t ignore!


Join us in spreading the #CitiesMustAct campaign across Europe!


Photo credit: Europe Must Act

Get your city involved!

If there’s not already a campaign in your town or city, start one with us today! Here’s how:


First up, familiarise yourself with Europe Must Act. We value autonomy and self-management. We share the same Core Principles and work towards the same Key Goals. 


Contact us directly to get started. We’ll organise an onboarding call to make sure you have all the right information.


Together we’ll set up a Facebook page linked to the main Europe Must Act page. This page will be important for others to find and join your city’s campaign.


Together we’ll set up an online petition and help you spread it in your community. Your petition will help you to raise awareness quickly, and organisations can be listed as supporters to show just how many people demand change in your city.

Press Release Template

You’ll be responsible for engaging the local community and demanding further action, such as: getting local media involved, tweeting at your mayor and local council, sending physical letters to their offices.

Join a chapter

Join a Chapter

Join a local facebook page of Europe Must Act

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