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2 ways to act this festive season


1. A Jumper for Ylva

Let's knit a policy of compassion this Christmas

After the fire that destroyed Europe’s largest refugee camp, Ylva Johansson - EU Commissioner for Home Affairs - promised “No More Morias”. Yet as Christmas approaches, thousands of people will now pass the coming winter in terrible conditions.

In a recent Tweet, Ylva demonstrated that she is in fact a generous soul, by gifting self knitted socks to all her staff members. Now we ask of her to get started on knitting a humane policy for those who will face the cold of winter in unsafe and undignified EU camps. 


To remind Ylva of her ‘No More Morias’ promise, we’re showing our holiday spirit by gifting her a festive jumper embroidered with “No More Morias”.


Join us and knit or embroider your own 'No More Morias' atire or make a holiday decoration. Share your photos on social media, tagging @YlvaJohansson. 

#Join us for 2021 

2 ways to act this festive season

2. Make EMA strong for 2021

Help us prepare for another year of bold action

Just 9 months ago, Europe Must Act was born. Since then, we have grown into a strong and powerful social movement demanding an end to humanitarian crises unfolding on Europe's borders. We are advocating for a new and humane policy on migration. 


In a short space of time, we have campaigned for safe passage, for the decongestion of the camps, for municipal and city-level change and for the protection of asylum seekers during Covid-19.


But our efforts cannot end here. Our critical advocacy work must continue into the new year. We must continue to coordinate effective and impactful campaigns. We must continue to bring together movements across Europe, provoking mass outrage and widespread change.

This Christmas, help spread a political message of compassion. Support us into the New Year by contributing to the costs allow us to run our operations.

Want to support in other ways? 

Support a partner organisation this winter

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