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How can you support Ukrainian people?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This is a list of selected organizations and groups that provide various forms of assistance and support to Ukrainians both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. According to UNHCR 2 millions people have already fled Ukraine towards neighboring countries Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania in only four days, while many are displaced within Ukraine’s borders.

Human beings, civilians, always pay the highest price in any war. To be forced to flee your home, to seek safety and refuge that your own home can no longer offer, is something that no human being should have to face. Europe Must Act advocates for humane and dignified reception conditions for people on the move. We now ask all those capable to consider making a donation to help ensure that civilians in Ukraine receive the support they need right now.

Below you can find a list of selected organizations and groups divided by the type of support they provide.

Resources added on 11/03/2022:

The network MitOts collects donations and works directly with partner organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Donate here.

Moldova For Peace is a collective working under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Government of the Republic of Moldova. Donate here.

Lifting Hands International is an experiences grassroots wowkring with refugees, now partnering up with local organizations in neioghboring countries. Donate here.

Emergency humanitarian aid and support to displaced people

The following list of international and local organizations provide essential assistance (such as food, clothing, medicines) to displaced and vulnerable people on the ground.

International Committee of the Red Cross. Donate here.

Polish Red Cross. Donate here.

Caritas Ukraine. Donate here.

Caritas Poland. Donate here.

Polish Humanitarian Action. Donate here

Polish Center of International Help. Donate here.

Siepomaga Foundation for support of the victims of war. Donate here.

East Studio. Support for Polish people in Ukraine. Donate here

HumanDoc Foundation. Mission to evacuate children and elderlies from attacked areas. Donate here.

Good Factory. Donate here

The Open Dialogue Foundation, Polish initiative providing support to UKrainians. Donate here.

#GdanskHelps provisioning support in Ukraine and to refugees in the Polish city of Gdansk. Donate here.

Good Initiative Foundation. Donate here.


UNICEF provides various forms of support to children in Ukraine. Donate here.

Voices of Children is a Ukrainian organization providing psychological and psychosocial support for kids impacted by the conflict. Donate here.

SOS for Children in Ukraine provides support to orphan children in Ukraine. Donate here.

Medical assistance

Doctors Without Borders. Donate here.

Polish Medical Mission. Donate here.

Support Ukrainian hospitals with medical equipment and supplies. Donate here.

Independent journalism

The Kyiv Independent, English-language independent newspaper. Donate here.

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