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Relocation from Greece: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

Joint Briefing Paper

As the voluntary EU relocation scheme is scheduled to come to an end, 29 civil society organizations call for the continuation of relocation from the country. This briefing paper, based on the organizations’ experiences both in Greece and in destination countries, offers their perspective on how to improve the process and outcomes for those being relocated, particularly for unaccompanied children.

The relocation programs initatited since 2015, at the beginning as emergency measures, have transformed the lives and prospects of the people relocated from Greece.

Today, there is still a compelling need for continued relocation from Greece. Reception conditions, and access to essential services and asylum procedures still fall short of international standards. A lack of adequate support means that those who do receive refugee status or subsidiary protection are at risk of homelessness.

Read the full briefing paper here:

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