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Support Europe Must Act's campaign to create safe #RoutesToRelocation for people on the move

This #GivingTuesday, on November 29th, we are teaming up with 30 humanitarian organisations across Europe, as well as Lebanon - all of which address different needs to best support refugees and people seeking asylum. Our collective theme is “More than Survival”; for us at Europe Must Act, that means advocating for humane, dignified and safe migration policies and reception conditions. The reception of people on the move should promote their safety, wellbeing, and integration into a community, and not simply their survival. By giving a donation to Europe Must Act, you will enable us to strengthen and maintain our new #RoutesToRelocation campaign, to advocate for better, more integrative reception of refugees across Europe.

Please think about us when you donate on this Giving Tuesday, and keep a look out for our campaign donation platform, which we will share with you on this Tuesday. #GivingTuesday2022#MoreThanSurvival

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