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WALLING OFF WELCOME: New reception facilities in Greece reinforce a policy

Joint Policy Briefing

45 civil society organisations urge EU institutions and national governments to abandon policies that contain people seeking asylum at Europe’s borders and to instead facilitate asylum seekers’ social inclusion and subsequent integration. They must fulfil their commitments to share responsibility for ensuring displaced people’s adequate reception and protection, in line with EU and international law and reverse the extension of containment policies represented by the new reception facilities under construction. Where new or adapted structures are already in place, measures must be taken to ensure that they create conditions that meet EU and international standards. A true show of EU solidarity would build bridges between communities, not walls.

Read the full policy briefing here:

Walling off welcome - joint policy briefing (September 2021)
Download PDF • 485KB

Photo Credits: International Rescue Committee: Ikram Ismail (33) from Syria walks with two of her 5 children at the Lesvos RIC. The Alnader family lives in the new Lesvos RIC with their 5 young children, two of whom face health problems.


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