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Join our vigil to commemorate the victims of Europe's border regime

What's happened?

Another tragedy in European waters

Rasul (35), Shiva (35), Anita (9), Armin (6), Artin (1), a Kurdish family of five from Iran attempted to cross the Channel last Tuesday. Like 7400 others before them this year they braved the cold waters in search of safety and dignity. They did not make it.

This tragic loss of life leaves us saddened and angry. The fate of this desperate family was not decided by the cold waters or their unseaworthy boat. Their fate was sealed by the insistence of European leaders to hold on to flawed and heartless policies that aim to deter refugees from seeking asylum in Europe at all costs.

The lack of safe and legal routes to seeking asylum in European countries means asylum seekers and refugees are forced to undertake life-threatening journeys where they face violence, abuse and sometimes death. This has been observed from the Aegean to the Channel, the Mediterranean to the Balkans.


It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Viable and compassionate solutions that provide safe and legal passage to refugees exist: community sponsorship initiatives, family reunification, opportunities for skilled migration, labour mobility and education.

From 8pm on October 31st to 8pm on November 3rd we call for a vigil to remember all victims of the systematic violence along Europe’s borders and to send a clear message to European leaders that enough is enough. Now is the time to stop looking away. Now is the time to take responsibility.

Take part in the vigil

8pm on 31st October to 8pm on 3rd November


Join our Facebook event to receive updates on the vigil and share news of the action with your community.


Post a picture of a candle and a paper boat on social media over one of the 3 days. Origami instructions here


Tag the minister(s) responsible for migration and asylum policy in your country. Example posts here


Use the hashtags:
#SafePassage #EuropeMustAct #BecauseWeCare


Use an example post

Simply copy and paste one of the following for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


This week we witnessed needless loss of life in European waters. This wasn’t the first time. [insert tag of minister responsible for migration in your country], take action to make sure it is the last. Enough is enough.

#SafePassage #EuropeMustAct #BecauseWeCare


Seeking asylum shouldn’t need to require taking life-threatening risks. [insert tag of minister responsible for migration in your country] will you help to ensure that people fleeing conflict and persecution can make an asylum claim in [insert country] in a safe and dignified manner?

#SafePassage #EuropeMustAct #BecauseWeCare


Last Tuesday we witnessed yet another tragedy related to people losing their lives while trying to reach safety. Please, [insert tag of minister responsible for migration in your country], let’s break this tragic cycle.


#SafePassage #EuropeMustAct #BecauseWeCare

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